Entrytab operates seamlessly within your existing workflows and systems

When we set up your version of Entrytab, we work with you to understand how you need it to work in your business. It's a dynamic platform that is highly flexible and able to be configured to meet your exact requirements.

Facial detection ensures every visitor photo is taken correctly so your stored data is accurate

The facial detection feature during sign adds an extra layer of accuracy and security to the information you’re are collecting.

Entrytab ensures each person takes their photo when asked. This feature means the photo will not be taken unless their face is correctly positioned in front of the camera.

Instant printing of badges for easy visitor identification

As an additional security layer, identify your visitors with printed badges or lanyards that are automatically printing during the sign in process. Add the visitors photo, reason for visiting and any other information you need to clearly identify them while on your premises. Printer installation is fast and easy.

Allocate different label information to match each visitor type such as contractor, casual staff or visitor.

Regular visitors can sign in and out quickly and accurately

The Entrytab system focuses on fast and efficient processes that make it easy for your visitors while managing your security requirements. There are a number of options that can be used to manage people who visit your business regularly including RDIF cards, QR codes, QuickPINs. Regular visitors who don’t have one of your cards, can also use their printed badge to scan out with. All methods maintain the same security and accountability processes.

There’s no limit to the number of iPad stations for businesses with multiple entry points

Entrytab gives you the freedom to set up iPad terminals at multiple locations around your business and have them linked to your central administration dashboard. This could include the front and rear entry points and the warehouse. The sign in and sign out activity at all iPad terminals can be viewed live via the administration dashboard.

There are no additional charges for each terminal and there is no limitation to the number of them.

Accurately track equipment and items loaned to staff or visitors

Entrytab allows you to monitor who has borrowed items such as keys, laptops and equipment. As the date of return is approaching, Entrytab will automatically send a notification to the person reminding them when the item is due back.

To make the process of borrowing and returning faster, Entrytab lets you assign a QR code to each item to facilitate scanning.

Card Capture delivers the perfect image of licence and ID cards every time

The Card Capture function requests the visitor to photograph their licence or other cards as a part of the sign in process. As with all functions in Entrytab, it’s an optional activation that can be set up in a number of ways. To ensure every card is captured perfectly, Entrytab has developed an iPad bracket so the card in the optimal position.

Notifications and alerts

Entrytab will send SMS or email notifications to one or more nominated people where an immediate alert to specific information is required. There are many available and we will work with you to set up the notifications that best suit your requirements.

Group sign in and sign out for meetings and conferences

Entrytab makes it easy to manage a group of people visiting for a meeting or conference at your business. There are a number of options that can be set up to enable group sign in and sign out in a single action. You can also pre-register visitors for meetings and send them all the relevant information. If you require them to complete an induction form, they can do this before they arrive saving time at your front desk.

Mobile access for staff who may work remotely from the main office

Staff can sign in and sign out remotely and their times recorded. During an emergency, their names will not appear on the evacuation list as their sign in is recorded from a different location.

Linking multiple premises anywhere in the world

Entrytab effortlessly integrates multiple business locations and consolidates all data into an easy-to-access administration dashboard.

It doesn’t matter whether your locations are close by, or located in other countries. Entrytab runs the activity of each in real time. While being managed from a central location, each business also has its own administration dashboard allowing it to micro manage their own visitor processes.
Entrytab’s multi-location configuration includes:

  • Permission based views and reports
  • Data sharing between locations
  • Integrated sign in/sign out for staff moving between locations

Mobile access to an emergency evacuation list

An emergency incident requires speed, accuracy, and accountability. In an emergency, Entrytab delivers fast, accurate reporting of everyone signed into or out of your workplace.

Authorised staff are able to view live reports using their mobile phones and highlight each person’s name as they are accounted for.

  • Real-time emergency list for access from any internet connected device.
  • Accessible by multiple staff for high coverage during
    an emergency.
  • Names are highlighted as each one is checked off.

Move your data between systems with API integration

Entrytab will seamlessly transfer your data to or from other systems within your business. Our developers will work with you to achieve the results you require.

When important guests are visiting, Entrytab lets you roll out the red carpet

Entrytab allows you to sign important guests in via your admin dashboard so they are not stopped to do it themselves at your iPad station. You can pre-register the guests and simply tick them off as they enter. The same can be done as they leave your premises.

The administration dashboard delivers a live report of all access points in your business

A sophisticated administration dashboard where you can manage all visitor activity including name, visitor type, sign in and sign out time, reason, and more.

Use filters to find visitor history or run reports.

The administration dashboard is available to nominated staff on their mobile devices.

Multi language display options makes the process easier for many people

Entrytab allows you to display two languages on the screen throughout the sign in process.

Because the sign in requirements of visitors may vary, Entrytab is flexible enough to allow endless variations

You may need to collect different information from your visitors depending on who they are, or why they are visiting.

Entrytab allows you to tailor the sign in process to be an exact match each visitor type. The options are endless. You may have different induction processes depending on the location people are visiting within your premises or require certain certificates from a particular contractor.

Entrytab will remember all of your past visitors

If a person signs into your business once, Entrytab will remember them and automatically populate their sign-in fields at their next sign in. It’s a nice way to make people feel welcomed and to save time at your front desk

Signing your NDA

Ensure visitors meet your legal requirements by signing legal documents such as your companies NDA.

Set customised documents for each visitor type to read and agree to during sign in. If they don’t sign the document, they can be prevented from proceeding with the sign in process.

All signed documents are securely stored and can be accessed via your dashboard. Export the signed document for hard copy storage or distribution.

Display screen saver or marketing images on the front screen

Display key company images or companies marketing activities to visitor before they sign in. There is no limit to the number of images you display. When the screen is touched the sign in or sign out page reappears and the process begins.

Pre-register visitors

Pre-register visitors to save time when they arrive at you premises. The pre-register email gives them a simple QuickPIN to enter, then Entrytab looks after the rest.

When the person receives your email, they can also complete any legal requirements such as company induction training or the upload of compliance certificates.

If the person completes your legal requirements prior to their visit, Entrytab automatically skips that during sign in.

Set customised documents for each visitor type to read and agree to during sign in.

Important messages displayed on the iPad front screen

Send an important message to the front screen of each of your iPad terminals alerting visitors to an event that may be occurring at the premises. Once the event is finished you can revert the iPad stations back to their usual front screen.

Ask us about company branded QR code tags for regular visitors

Issue staff and regular visitors with a company branded, key ring tag for fast access. The QR code scans visitors in and out within seconds.

Entrytab will also scan in most RFID cards and barcodes directly through the iPad.

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