Quietly checking that every visitor meets your terms of entry during the sign in process

Every visitor can be checked at the point of sign in to ensure their induction and compliance is valid.

Entrytab ensures the process is fast, efficient and easy to use.

Sign in, induction and compliance.
All three in one system

When you combine sign in, induction and compliance as our seamlessly integrated package important documentation and checking tasks are made automated and easy.

The Entrytab Induction and Compliance system ensures all visitors meet your conditions of entry as stipulated by your legal obligations and internal protocols.

Working seamlessly behind your Entrytab Visitor Management system it ensures visitors and contractors are compliant and meet your terms of entry before signing into your business.

Efficiently managing contractor compliance

Entrytab Compliance assists your business in fulfilling its corporate governance and risk responsibilities of visitors, contractors and relief staff.

The program provides visibility and management of the licences, certificates and insurance documents required to operate at your premises.

It securely stores and monitors the expiry dates and validity of these documents and sends out notifications when there is an issue or the expiry date is near. Also, during sign in, it checks that the visitor is compliant before allowing them to enter.

Verification to ensure all supplied information is correct

To ensure the information being provided is correct, Entrytab Compliance has verification process that allows you to cross check submitted details against the uploaded documents.

Store and track all induction and compliance documents

Entrytab Compliance automates the process of managing contractors documents and certificates such as public liability insurance, workers compensation cover, professional indemnity, licences and registrations.

The validity dates are checked each time the contractor signs into your premises and will send notifications if there is a problem.

Induction training. Visitors agreeing to your terms of entry.

Coordinate the induction of visitors and contractors at your business with check list style inductions.

Visitors are presented with information pertinent to being on premises and applicable to the nature of their visit. They are instructed to learn and acknowledge this information to complete their induction.

Display specific induction information for different visitor types

Entrytab Induction allows you to have specific forms for different visitors depending on the nature of their visit.

This versatile method means each visitors information is relevant and kept as concise as possible.

Integrating your training assets

To enhance the effectiveness of your induction process, Entrytab induction forms can incorporate and support your existing induction and training assets such as video, audio, pictures and illustrations. These are built into the form to be viewed during the induction process.

Automated renewal reminders

Entrytab Induction tracks the expiry dates of all inductions. If a visitors induction has expired either by a passed renewal date or through a new version superseding it, Entrytab will highlight this during sign in and make it a condition of entry to address these requirements.

When there’s a change to your induction process

If a change occurs at your business that requires an update to the induction process, Entrytab Induction easily manages this by ensuring all visitors are alerted to the need for renewal and given opportunity to complete the requirements prior to arrival.

If a visitor signs in without having first completed the new requirements, Entrytab will prompt their completion before granting entry.

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